Filamentous algae

The species group can often be identified without enlarging aids
  • Cladophora rupestris
  • Filamentous  algaes
  • Ceramium tenuicorne
  • Ceramium tenuicorne. (A red algae). From Havets djur och växter, Gyldendahls 2018

Algae is the name for several groups of unicellular and multicellular organisms that live in moist environments and extract energy from light through photosynthesis. Algae range in size from microscopic to 60-70 meters in length. In Virtuedata, we use the term filamentous algae to distinguish it from the other group - seaweed. These groups are not systematically uniform - the designation is based on similarities in appearance. Today, there are about 30,000 known species of algae, and of these 8,000-10,000 may be found in Nordic waters.

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Ceramium rubrum (a red algae)
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