Leaf algae

The species group can often be identified without enlarging aids
  • Toothed wrack. (Fucus serratus). Photo: Mikael Olsson
  • Carrageen moss. (Chondrus crispus). Photo: Aquatilis
  • Coccotylus brodiei (a red algae). From Havets djur och växter, Gyldendals 2018

Leaf algae is a collective term for relatively large algaes. Wrack (opposite), knotted wrack and bladder wrack are some other common species. Some green and red algae are also included in this group, such as sea lettuce and Enteromorpha. In Virtuedata, we use the term leaf algae to distinguish it from the other group - filamentous algae. These groups are not systematically uniform - the designation is based on similarities in appearance.

Some seaweed species described in Aquascope:

Bladder wrack

Sugar wrack

Spiral wrack

Toothed wrack