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UNESCO. Ocean Literacy for All. A Toolkit. IOC Manuals and Guides, 80. UNESCO 2017.
ISBN 978-92-3-100249-6. Auch erhältlich auf Französisch, Spanisch
A Ocean Literacy Toolkit - Webinars for Teachers 
The publication provides educators and learners worldwide innovative tools, methods and resources to understand the complex ocean processes and functions and, as well, to alert them on the most urgent ocean issues. It presents the essential scientific principles and information needed to understand the cause-effect relationship between individual and collective behaviour, and the impacts that threaten the ocean health. 

Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence, document on using Ocean Literacy Principles in K-12 Classroom.  

Frederick, A., Gotensparre, S., Jacobs, D., Källström, B. and Olsson, M. (2018). The Virtue Project and the Biofilms and Biodiversity Project: An International Collaboration in Marine Science Education. In Fauville, G., Payne, D.L., Marrero, M.E., Lantz-Andersson, A., Crouch, F. (Eds.), Exemplary Practices in Marine Science Education. A Resource for Practitioners and Researchers (pp. 257-287). New York: Springer. 2018. ISBN 978-3-319-90778-9
First international book on marine science education and ocean literacy. This edited volume is the premier book dedicated exclusively to marine science education and improving ocean literacy, aiming to showcase exemplary practices in marine science education and educational research in this field on a global scale. It informs, inspires, and provides an intellectual forum for practitioners and researchers in this particular context. Subject areas include sections on marine science education in formal, informal and community settings.