Downloadable documents

updated: 2020-07-06

VIRTUE-s aims to provide teachers and science educators with materials for conducting projects with students using CD-shaped discs which are deployed in the sea or freshwater systems for a defined period of time.

1. Species identification (ID) plates, which may be used as guides for recognizing some of the fouling organisms growing on the plates. The organisms featured in the ID Plates are just representatives of the group of organisms commonly found in fouling communities in temperate regions. You may find other representative organisms in your area.
2. The resources for quantification and analysis of discs gives practical tips on how to analyze the discs quantitatively and on what to do with the data gathered after disc analysis, like biodiversity calculations.
3. Pre-fabricated worksheets and protocol sheets here can be used as they are or they can act as templates for designing your own protocol sheets which fit your needs.
4. The sample class projects are descriptions of projects, which have already been piloted in schools in the different countries. You may get inspiration from these projects to design your own.
5. Games are fun ways for introducing a subject matter to students or for recapitulating results obtained in an experiment. The card games here can be  played before, during or after a project, or just play it to have fun!

These teaching resources are documents to be downloaded as pdf.