Marine species

updated: 2020-09-09

Here you can find help to idenitfy some the most common species groups that may grow or appear on the discs. Within each group, images are displayed on one or more of the most common species.
Shorter information (with images) can also be found on the "Add Report" page, where you enter your observations.

Maybe you have found a specific species, that you want to report?
If so, fill in name in the free text field, located at the bottom of the report form. Specify the scientific name to make comparisons with other observations safer.
You can also attach photos to your report.

You can also use VIRTUEs species identfication taxonomic and functional plates.
These plates can be downloaded and laminated so they can also be used in the field.

For marine species and ecosystems, the Universty of Gothenburg has created the Aquascope
Get more help with species identification and read about many more animals and plants in the sea, about the ocean's ecosystem and much more.