Video production as a learning tool

updated: 2020-07-07

VIRTUE-s and video production


Working with video in scientific experiments is a great way to both learn the subject and share their knowledge. It can help your students to reflect on the scientific process and present their results effectively. By planning the various images and sounds they need for their film, they can also plan and reflect on the scientific method and the experiment.

Making films about scientific subjects at school does not have to be expensive and complicated. Today, mobile phones or tablets can be used as both film camera and editing tools. You probably already have the resources needed to get started! Do you want to make a good movie about a VIRTUE project or experiment you require a basic understanding and knowledge of the film as a language. How to use images audio and editing to create effective communication.

Here is a booklet that provides a good basis for using video production in your classroom:

Download the booklet here!

Connected to th booklet there are five video films that give you practical tips for the work (The videos have captions in 5 languages):